Managing Systems

Registering Systems

Bastillion generates its own public/private SSH key upon initial startup for use when registering systems. When a system is registered, the generated public key is added. Only "Full Access" users can add or remove a system through the application.

Manage Systems

When registering systems the user is prompted to authenticate via username and password. If the username and password is not known (or not allowed) the public key must be provisioned and can be found under 'Settings' in the menu.

Supplying a Custom SSH Key Pair

You can specify a custom SSH key pair used to connect and register systems in the file.

For example:

#set to true to regenerate and import SSH keys --set to true

#SSH Key Type 'dsa' or 'rsa'

#private key --set pvt key

#public key --set pub key

#default passphrase --leave blank if passphrase is empty

After startup and once the key has been registered it can then be removed from the system. The passphrase and the key paths will be removed from the configuration file.